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Uncover Sanibel's Famous Seashells

December 01, 2017

Sanibel Island, just a short drive away, is the kind of stunning tropical oasis that will give you that extra slice of paradise on an already relaxing vacation. With 15 miles of gorgeous sandy beaches, 230 kinds of birds to spot, and thousands of seashells to sift through, Sanibel is a fun, laid-back day trip worth taking. What makes Sanibel so special is the incredibly unique barrier islands orientated east and west (most islands are situated north and south). This makes for long, winding beaches ideal for uncovering the island’s famous—and award-winning—seashells. And while there aren’t any coral reefs, multiple artificial reefs and shipwrecks provide fun fishing and diving opportunities. Stop in for lunch at a local restaurant or look into a handful of coastal boutiques carrying unique and beach-inspired gifts to bring back home. Long after your trip has passed, you can cherish the delicate seashells and remember a dreamy afternoon enjoyed in paradise.