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DiamondHead Staff Exceeds Expectations for Perfect Wedding

Dear Mr. Hopgood:

My daughter’s wedding was held at the DiamondHead on November 2nd (Pupino/Fleeson) and I must tell you that your staff was extraordinary in making sure their wedding weekend was perfect in every way. Each and every member of your staff certainly went the extra mile to make sure that all guests were treated royally and that the wedding was truly fit for a princess!

Some background into the planning of this wedding – the bride and groom live in NJ, and I am the only resident of Florida. Therefore, my husband and I did the legwork to find a location for their wedding. From the moment we started inquiring about booking the DiamondHead for the wedding last February – Kathy and Josh worked tirelessly providing 150% effort in helping us plan the PERFECT WEDDING!

There were hundreds (it seems) of phone calls and emails to Kathy and Josh with questions about the menu, accommodations, linens, alternate options in each wedding package, beach ceremony and choices, etc and EACH AND EVERY one of those emails and phone calls were handled professionally and promptly. It seemed that their mission in life was to help us plan the perfect wedding – AND THEY MORE THAN EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS!!!!

Initially my daughter was doing research for a beach wedding on the Internet. Some of the places she was interested in was the Hyatt Coconut Point and the Lovers Key Resort. My husband and I did go and meet with staff from both of those places and several others. In fact went to the Hyatt several times. Each and every time I came away with the feeling that the Hyatt’s staff couldn’t be bothered in helping with the details of this wedding, almost seemed annoyed with all of my questions for my daughter – unlike the DiamondHead staff!! I kept comparing everyone else to Kathy and Josh – who ALWAYS were so helpful and pleasant to deal with, and finally told my daughter – enough research, my choice for your wedding is THE DIAMONDHEAD!!!!

The month preceding the actual wedding I worked ENDLESSLY with Josh finalizing every little detail, many times changing back and forth our selections. EACH AND EVERY conversation or email with Josh he helped us make selections or gave advice on alternatives and options. I always came away feeling he was there for us, truly took pleasure in helping us to make this wedding memorable!!! Josh always made me feel like he was our own personal wedding consultant!

Additionally, Sunnie performed the beach ceremony – she was so helpful to the bride and groom in their vows selections. Again, this was all done long-distance, and Sunnie didn’t meet them until the day before the wedding – it was a BEAUTIFUL ceremony, memorable in every way!!!!

During the cocktail hour and their sunset photo shoot, my daughter lost her engagement ring in the sand. When the groom came to get me and told me about it, by the time I arrived at the beach some of your waitstaff was already searching in the sand for the ring. The ALL were so helpful and genuinely concerned and when Marcel learned of what had happened he immediately contacted someone and within MINUTES Marcel had a metal detector and was helping us search the beach!!! This extra effort and self motivation on the part of Marcel and your waitstaff should NOT go unnoticed. It was truly appreciated by all of us!

The reception and dinner was truly extraordinary – everyone is still sending us feedback on the quality and service of all of your waitstaff. It seemed that every guest was individually cared for and their needs addressed with the attention you’d receive in a 5-star restaurant! Marcel and his staff are TRULY an asset to your corporation.

During our 3 day stay at the DiamondHead most of us spent a lot of time at the pool area. Cheryl was always there with drinks and anything else we desired. Additionally, she was more than just a server – she was delightful in every way!! She truly helped everyone relax after a trying few months in finalizing the details of this wedding!!

I’m am so sorry for the length of this letter, and I still could go on and on – but I had to commend your entire staff in MORE than exceeding our expectations for this PERFECT WEDDING!!!

Terry Paras

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